The Timeout Stool: Hilarious or Nefarious?

We’ve all been there – the moment of pure rebellion. We love our kids, cherish their growth, even applaud their moves toward autonomy, but when things turn extra dark in an instant and the kiddos go nuclear, it can be hard to know what to do. Do you stay calm? Yell something? Cede the floor to a spouse? Or is it time to invoke the dreaded Timeout?

If you answered D, there’s a new product just for you. Of course modern enterprise has an answer for every possible parenting whim, from sleepy time sea turtles to playthings that are 95% tag. But the bar has been raised with the arrival of a genuinely hilarious product: the Timeout Timer Stool. Part sitting surface, part archaic timepiece, this clever punitive perch adds some gentle humor to the moment – and frees you from the burden of watching the clock with ever mounting guilt.

Leave aside the various debates over whether time-outs have any merit; they remain a staple of modern parenting, and often represent the surest way for everyone to take a breath and regain some perspective. So the next time your baby goes ballistic, you might want to consider the soothing ebb and flow of sands through the hourglass. Just don’t try to go for ten minutes while someone’s sitting there.