When Parents Go Too Far

Some of you may have already heard about this: a horrifying brawl between parents at a Los Angeles preschool graduation. Yes, you read that right: preschool graduation.

Eyewitness accounts hold that two of the moms got into a shoving match because their kids were supposed to share a single cap and gown for pictures, and apparently the sharing didn’t go too well.

I am grateful to report that I have never experienced anything like this as an educator or proprietor, although I must also admit that the impulse and intensity are all too familiar in this day and age. Today’s parents seem more invested than ever in their kids’ total happiness, and sometimes even our best intentions can become twisted when obstacles arise.

The story is a horrifying reminder that communities work best when we care for each other’s children instead of defending our own to the death. It bears repeating that we model good behavior and sharing through our own temperance and maturity, and that sometimes grown-up disputes can be teachable moments too.

Still, I’m glad we switched from caps and gowns to shorts and hugs this year.